Eye Drops

There are many Eye drops available over the counter, however there are some we believe work better than others. Below are the eye drops we recommend and have proven to provide relief of dry eye symptoms.

i-drop Pur and i-drop Pur GEL

Both of these drops are preservative free artificial tears that are advanced and effective at providing instant and persistent relief for dry eyes. They are effective at providing increased comfort and lower therapy cost to the patient since fewer daily applications are needed to provide symptomatic relief. I-drop comes in 2 formulations, liquid and gel, and are both hyaluonan based solutions. The bottles these solutions come in look like regular squeeze bottles, but in delivery system that includes an efficient one-way valve system and a self-sterlizing silicone tip.

I-Drop Pure Gel
Learn more about the visco-adaptive nature of the i-drop® products by watching the video below:


Thealoz is a preservative-free eye drop solution, presented in a multi-dose bottle, for the management of dry eye symptoms. Its unique ingredient is a natural disaccharide called Trehalose.

Trehalose provides a completely novel approach to dry eye relief. It provides bioprotection for the superficial cells of the eyes by improving the resistance of these cells to the daily stresses of dry environments and changes in tear film chemistry.

Benefits of Thealoz include:

  • NO preservatives or phosphates
  • Bioprotection and Lubrication for the ocular surface
  • Unique ABAK bottle system which means NO preservatives
  • Can be used for up to 2 months from opening
  • Especially useful for dry eye related to environmental stresses such as computer use
  • Can be used as often as necessary


Hyabak contains 0.15% Sodium Hyaluronate, an effective moisturiser found in nature which is also able to mimic the behaviour and structure of our natural tears. These eye drops provide long lasting relief from dry eyes and eye discomfort/strain from environmental stresses such as computer use. There is no stickiness or blurriness after applying the drops due to the structure similarity to our natural tears.

Hyabak comes in a multi-dose bottle or in single unit doses that are both phosphate and preservative free. It is a hypotonic solutions (low osmolarity) which means it specifically addresses the chemistry imbalance of the tear film in chronic dry eye and is better at soothing symptoms.

The unique multi-dose bottle is patented by Thea the ABAK bottle system. The ABAK system keeps the contents of the bottle free from microbial contamination for 3 months, and is a soft shell bottle, making it easy to aim and squeeze.

Benefits of Hyabak include:

  • Clinically proven to provide relief of signs and symptoms caused by dry eyes
  • Hydrates and lubricates the eye’s surface
  • Unique bottle system allowing the solutions to be free from preservatives
  • Can be used for up to 3 months from opening
  • Hypotonic formulation for effective relief
  • Can be used before, during and after wearing all types of contact lenses

For more information please visit thea pharmaceuticals website by clicking here

All of the above listed products are available to purchase at our clinic. For more information or pricing please call us or ask your eye care professional.